The Esperansa Project was created in 2008. It's creation was prompted by an Americans United for Life (AUL) survey which rated states "safe to dangerous" for the unborn based on state legislation regulating abortion.

When compared with the findings of the AUL survey, Guam was found to be the most dangerous place in the nation for the unborn, or, stated otherwise: the easiest place in the nation to procure an abortion.

The Esperansa Project began a series of legislative efforts to change Guam's shameful status as the most dangerous place in the nation for the unborn. Out of 12 legislative efforts, 8 of those efforts are now public law.

The Epseransa Project website catalogs these efforts and much more. It will continue to be available online here. Moving forward, Esperansa intends to use this blog as its online vehicle to continue to fight for the rights of the unborn and their parents.


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