Saturday, October 27, 2018


2018 Democratic candidate for Guam governor tells a crowd that she is "for life," while praising the nation's number one killer of children and purveyor of baby body parts. Given that both of Guam's infamous abortion clinics are now closed due to the retirement of both abortionists, it is quite possible that Lou Leon Guerrero will invite Planned Parenthood to Guam.

By "coincidence," the day after Esperansa launched this blog and posted the results of the Catholic Pro Life Committee Candidate Survey, the Archdiocese of Agana sent out a terse "reminder" (reprimand) regarding the restrictions on political activities of non-profit organizations. And because our local church's non-profit status is more important than dead babies, we are all supposed to shut up and sit down.

But make no mistake. The AOA reprimand of yesterday was NOT about protecting the church's non-profit status, but about protecting its relationship with one of its largest donors - not to mention the millions of dollars in business it does with said "donor's" bank. 

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