Tuesday, February 23, 2021


In an email from Jayne Flores, the Lou Leon Guerrero Administration 's Director of Women's Affairs, to Deborah Nucatola, Medical Director of Planned Parenthood's clinic in Hawaii (and elsewhere), dated Jun 25, 2019, Flores wrote:

I would describe the atmosphere on our island, with its 165,000 population that is a majority Catholic, as initially hostile toward this issue. However, over half of the voting public cast ballots in favor of our first female governor…Lourdes Leon Guerrero, in November 2018 despite her openly pro-choice stance. So there is hope.

Hope for what? Hope for Planned Parenthood, the nation's largest abortion provider, to open up a clinic on Guam. In the same email, Flores writes:

If PP wanted to open a clinic here, is that we do have a medical clinic that recently closed. Would there be a possibility that PP would be interested in leasing this space to set up its own clinic?

Flores' email to Nucatola was copied to Bliss Kaneshiro, a party to the ACLU lawsuit, Deighton Kavarne, another employee of Planned Parenthood, Anita Arriola, a well-known Guam attorney who has been at the forefront of advancing abortion on Guam for many years, and Dr. Ellen Bez, a local Ob/Gyn who, pursuant to her letter to the editor a few days ago is pro-abortion advocate.  

What the documents procured by the Vigilance Committee show is a series of dots that are not hard to connect, and once connected will show that it is not the ACLU and two doctors from Hawaii that are suing the Government of Guam, but will show what we knew all along, that once the curtain is pulled back, it is the Governor of Guam who is suing the Government of Guam.

So yes, "there is hope."

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